20180107_141113Once upon a time…in the winter of 2017, a podcast was born. However this is not your average, well planned endeavor. No, Damn you Diary is a dream, derived from the drunken and twisted imaginations of Hannah and Courtney, two friends in New Hampshire, who are just living life and want to get more involved in the better aspects of it.

The plan is to talk about our lives, our challenges, our dramatically epic fails…and with any luck, others may join in on the conversation. We attempt storytelling, and humor, and sometimes even try and do some good for our fellow human beings. We are amateurs…at best, and with little to no experience in audio, editing, or managing a podcast in general…we are holding this clusterfuck together the best we can.

For us, if you’re reading this, then we’ve already exceeded our wildest expectations, and we thank you for that.  We hope you join us for all future conversations and epic adventures that this podcast may offer, and we are excited to be on this journey with you into the total unknown.